Director of
Grand Scale Ceremonies
Productions of
Circus, Dance and Theatre

Marlise McCormick

I tell human stories presented by artists of superhuman virtuosity.

I am a Canadian creative director and I have built my career specializing in creating and directing grand scale ceremonies and productions of circus, dance, and theatre. I create, produce, and collaborate on local and international stages – from avant garde, to more commercial storytelling and from the tiniest, most intimate of theatres to the grand vastness of stadiums.

Simply put, she is an extraordinarily talented choreographer and visionary creator. From the grand scale of Olympic Ceremonies to the subtleties of intimate theatre, Marlise demonstrates that she has risen to the very top of her field.

M. Kulich, Executive Producer, Olympics, Commonwealth Games, Pacific Games

Some of the amazing clients and projects that I have worked with

Cirque Du Soleil
45 Degrees
Olympic Photo by Jenna Hauck / Black Press Media, used with permission of the photographer
Axis Theatre
The David Foster Foundation
Two Sparrows Media
Victoria Commonwealth Games
Montreal Expos
Cafe Diablo
Food for Famine

Latest News

  • Machinal is a play that was written in 1928 by playwright and journalist Sophie Treadwell. Her expressionistic masterpiece was inspired by a real life story that took place in 1927 in the United States. As movement choreographer and director for this play, I was immersed......

  • Less than 2 months of Zooming, writing, re-writing, translating, planning, composing, fabricating, designing, choreographing, counting, cueing, installing, hiring artists, changing acts, waiting for apparatus, problem solving, laughing, whatsapping, sending messages, images, hearts, hugs, calling, emailing and loving was all revealed on Oct 22, 2021 in......

  • I am very excited to share my new website with you. My career continues to be filled with fantastic projects in all forms of theatre. I simply love to work!  The basics of my new website are here and soon we will be adding more information,......

Above all else, Marlise is a joy to work with. She is a deeply sensitive, and attuned visionary creative director, with her feet firmly planted on the ground. There is no shortage of industry people with grand visions, but as a producer the question quickly becomes, 'at what price?' Marlise has honed 30 years of theatrical experience into one simple mission: crafting grace, beauty, and awe into elegance.

P. Johnson, Producer, OneDome