Celebrating SPORTAS

Image from SPORTAS

Celebrating SPORTAS

SPORTAS . This is the 3rd circus show that I have written and directed in Chile. 

It is an emotionally charged 90 minute ride that ranges from adrenaline fueled stunt action, to fiercely funny moments, to pure poetry, and to tender, heartfelt, raw emotional moments. Unlike most circus shows, these shows are story driven and this one features 3 professional actors, an Olympic Champion, 6 urban contemporary dancers, and circus acts from all over the world. 

And to make it all happen is a world class production team from Chile, and a creative team from Cirque du Soleil.

I am very proud to say that this show has been on a national tour for a month now, and it is selling out completely.

Promotional video of SPORTAS

Marlise and translator working with cast

Marlise McCormick with cast of SPORTAS