Café Diablo

Café Diablo received standing ovations every single show. It was created in Holland and was quoted as  “a rare Dutch treat”. It was a little gem of a show that flowed from my imagination so easily. Plus I had a dream cast of amazing and generous performers.
People are still talking of this show.

Who knows, perhaps a re-mount!


Cafe Diablo is the hit of the festival. It is a spectacular mix of musical, dance, drama and acrobatics.”

“NoordTopics” (Date of publication: August 24th 2005)

It is the best show of this summer. It’s a hybrid form with good music, beautiful movement, and a great story. Musically there’s a lot to experience, from techno to swing to rock and even jazz. Café Diablo is made by Canadians theatre makers and performed by Dutch performers.”

“Noordhollands Dagblad” edition “Dagblad voor West-Friesland” (Date of publication: Aug 6, 2005)

“Cafe Diablo is an absolute treat! It is an original Canadian show performed by Dutch performers. This is one show that causes an overwhelming impression. “Musical, musical, musical” seen on June 16th in the VIP theatre, Veldhovengring in Tilburg. Can still be seen until tomorrow. “

“Brabants Dagblad” (Date of publication: June 18th, 2004)

“Bravo! Fourteen artists sing their lungs out and dance as hard as they can. The enthusiasm and talent with which they do this extends beyond the spotlight “

“Alkmaar Netherlands”: Café Diablo – Dancing in the Devil’s Bar (Date of publication: Aug 2, 2005)